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About Us

About Us

Made in India: Re-chanting the Mantra with a Difference.

We, at JC India, with a vision of developing and manufacturing Stainless steel Crown in India, Rainbow crowns are being developed to meet the continuing and increasing needs of SS crowns in India. With the motto of bringing the highest quality of SS crowns in affordable prices Rainbow Crowns was developed.

Advances in preventive dentistry and their application in the private dental office, the wide spread acceptance of communal fluoridation, and greater emphasis on dental health education have dramatically changed the nature of dental practice. Today the dentist devotes more time to preventive procedures and less time to the routine restoration of carious teeth.

Nevertheless, the restoration of carious lesions in primary and young permanent teeth continues to be among the important services the pediatric dentists and general practitioners provide for the children in their practices.

RAINBOW Crowns would undoubtedly preserve the function of many primary teeth that otherwise would have been unrestorable. In addition, RAINBOW crown can often be used to restore all posterior teeth in young patients with high risk for caries who exhibit multiple proximal lesions that could otherwise restored with silver amalgam or esthetic materials. RAINBOW Crowns are used instead simply because they better protect all posterior tooth surfaces from developing additional caries and because the posterior crown restoration has proven to be most durable and cost effective in the primary dentition.

The stainless steel crown is a vital component of contemporary restoration procedure for the problems encountered in pediatric dentistry on both primary and young permanent teeth.

Stainless steel crown reinforces the tooth structure against the trajectory of the force during mastication and restores the vertical relationship. This is important especially in cases of nursing caries and early childhood caries.

In badly mutilated teeth especially the primary molars, which may not be restored successfully with the amalgam and frequent fracture of Class II amalgam restoration would always suggestive of use of stainless steel crowns.

RAINBOW crowns are both pretrimmed and precontoured.

RAINBOW stainless steel crowns are preformed and pre-contoured (or commonly referred to as “pre-crimped”) with a shallow occlusal anatomy to preserve healthy tooth structure with less tooth reduction. The crowns are bell-shaped to replicate the contacts and embrasures of the natural dentition and are created with optimal thickness throughout to prevent occlusal wear from mastication. RAINBOW crowns are made of surgical-grade 316L stainless steel, which is more resistant to corrosion & are compatible, featuring laser-etched, easy-to-read numbers that are autoclave-proof.

Made in

India's own developed & manufactured stainless steel primary molar crowns.

State of art

Rainbow Crown have been manufactured using the most advanced techniques and technology.


Improved version of crowns made using surgical grade stainless steel with unique sand-blasted inner surface.