Rainbow SS Primary Molar Crowns Features & Instructions


Stainless Steel Primary Molar Crowns


Surgical Grade Steel
316 L

RAINBOW uses surgical-grade stainless steel which makes it more bio compatible.

Easy to Trim

316L Grade stainless steel allows easy trimming of crown yet retaining high strength hence reducing chairside time.

Sand Blasted
inner surface

Alloy treated inner surface to improves retention of the crown.

High Polished
Outer Surface

Reduces plaque accumulation.

Zigmondy Palmer

Numbering System.

Laser Etched

Permanent marking on Labial surface.

Crimped Cervical Margins

Provides proper resistance and snap fit.

PRE-Contoured Crown

Allows less chairside time and prevents microleakage.

Ideal Height Crown

Ideal height of crown allows appropriate tooth structure replacments.

Shallow Occlusal Anatomy

Instruction To Use

Occlusal reduction is carried out to obtain clearance of approximately 1.5 mm
The mesial and distal contact points are cleared and a smooth taper from occlusal to gingival should be obtained that is free of ledges or shoulders
If a step or ledge is present the operator will have difficulty seating the crown and may be tempted to trim it unnecessarily
The crown margin should be located approximately 1 mm subgingivally both to give retention and a good cement seal
Trimming can be done with crown scissors or with an abrasive wheel
Crimping pliers are recommended for ease and efficiency in crimping stainless steel crowns; however, conventional orthodontic pliers can also be used
Stainless steel crowns are not a tight fit except at the margin, so a larger than normal volume of cement should be mixed
All excess cement should be carefully removed and a piece of knotted dental floss used to remove excess cement interproximally